Hardwood Lumber

Indiana is known the world over for the highest quality White oak and Walnut timber. Foreign buyers come from across Europe, Japan, and, more recently, all Southeast Asian countries to purchase these and other species. Lumber, veneer and wood products manufacturing is the 6th largest industry in Indiana. Just over 20% (4.7 million acres) of the Indiana land base is forested. This forest grows 3.8 times more trees than the number being cut. The state ranks third in hardwood lumber production. The Indiana wood industry employs 50,000 people with a payroll of $1.4 billion and the regional economic impact is $17 billion.

For more details see Indiana Forest Facts.

Hardwood Species

Lumber CD

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This CD covers all the "hard to find" facts about hardwood lumber and the unique characteristics of our nation's 35 most attractive hardwoods.

Featured Sections Include: Understanding Lumber; Decay Resistance; Mechanical Properties; The Production Process; Purchasing and Selling; Shrinkage/Expansion; Steam Bending; Wood Machining; and Extensive references about hardwood lumber.

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Wood is renewable and using it is good for the environment. Indiana is currently growing over three times more wood than it is harvesting. Dry wood is one-half carbon. Its use for products sequesters this carbon, helping to negate global warming.