Shhhhhh! It's a secret!

Indiana is known the world over for the highest quality White oak and Walnut timber.

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann said at the Indiana Hardwood Lumberman's Association

convention that the number one value crop in Indiana is trees and we are first in the nation

in office furniture and cabinet production and second in veneer production.

Urban Trees

Read the new publication on processing urban trees into lumber at Lumber from Urban and Construction-Site Trees.

FNR Publications

The Purdue University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension website offers numerous publications on Hardwood Log, Lumber and Veneer Manufacturing.

Lumber and Slabs

For more information on hardwood lumber and slabs for sale or custom sawing, contact Dan Cassens at 765-412-6844 or

Hardwood Lumber Book

This full-color, soft-cover book brings together a lifetime of sawmill experience and technical training to help readers solve lumber manufacturing problems and save money. It includes chapters on wood quality, hardwood and softwood lumber grading, lumber pricing, log grading and pricing, lumber drying, stain and insect control, logs for fine face veneer, potential markets, sales techniques, and more. It is a comprehensive reference guide for those who manufacture and market Eastern hardwood lumber in the United States. While it's written for owners of small, home-based lumber mills, the information is also useful for traditional lumber manufacturers.

The author has spent 30 years in close association with both the hardwood lumber and veneer-producing industries, as well as with the users of hardwood products. He has participated in hundreds of plant visits, organized and conducted many educational seminars, and written extensively.

The book was produced in conjunction with the US Forest Service. It is available in digital (PDF) format at Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by Thin Kerf Band Mills or in printed copy. The price is $35, plus shipping and handling.

For more information or to order this book or other educational materials, visit or call 888-398-4636 (extension 46794).

Our Lumber

We are fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful hardwood lumber from our own Indiana forests and other local salvage material. These photos were taken at our West Lafayette farm where we saw hardwood logs and carefully air dry and kiln dry the lumber.